What is mobile grooming?

After 8 wonderful  years, husband Dave is semi-retiring and we sold our family home in Bastrop .
 In October 2014 we moved into our newly constructed hideaway in the forest of Snook, near our children.

If you are new to the concept of mobile grooming, let me outline a few scenarios where it really works well for pet owners.

1.  If owners work or don't have the time to drive the dog to a hair appointment and then hang around waiting for the dog  to be done, make your appointments with Lost Pines Mobile.  Here in Bastrop,  I have keys and codes and more owners are not home than ARE home.   They leave checks on the counter, I lock up when I leave, and it's no problem. I realize there's a trust issue since we haven't met, but after a few appointments when we know each other better, just know it's an option.

2.   Perhaps your pet is older or infirm and requires a more express grooming experience? Most small to medium sized dogs are finished in a little more than one hour, start to finish.   Your older dog with hip issues gets the use of a senior sling which supports hips or shoulders ...or the entire dog! for the grooming process.  They won't be standing for hours or lying on a hard surface waiting around.

3.  Do you keep forgetting to get the dog groomed until it's so late that the coat cannot be saved and the nails have been painful for weeks?   We can get you on a schedule and keep you there!

4.  Does your pet stress over grooming because of being caged, or being around other dogs who may be barking, or having to spend all day in a shop?  In my "shop on wheels" each dog is treated individually, with the exception of dogs who live together in the same home.  Sometimes dogs are very bonded with their housemates and bathing them and drying them together works well.  They'd be more stressed if they weren't together!!!  The usual stresses in a shop environment aren't in place with Lost Pines Mobile.  No crates, no unfamiliar dogs, no all day event.   The reason it takes so long in a shop is because they use more of an assembly line approach, and keep busy while a dog is drying.  This is very efficient for the groomer, but can cause stress in certain dogs.