Somerville....the new frontier

As of Mid June, 2014, Lost Pines Mobile Grooming of Bastrop, Texas, 

Lost Pines Mobile Grooming of SNOOK/Somerville TX!!

If you are new to the idea of mobile grooming, here's a rough outline of the concept

Mobile grooming is great for lot of different kinds of people, among them,

o.   Folks who are rarely home and need someone to groom their dog in their absence

o.   People who would rather not drive into the city and wait around  for the dog

o.   Old and infirm pets who have difficulty with a shop grooming environment, where they often
      are kenneled or asked to stand for long periods.

o.   People who don't or shouldn't drive at all, and need curbside service...even in the country
      where we  don't really have curbs....

o.   Families with multiple dogs who find it challenging to drive to town with a truck full of dirty
      dogs all over the place

o.   People who LOVE a schedule and find it easier to have things set up in advance to get
      their dog groomed so it doesn't get forgotten in the shuffle of life until the dew claws have
      grown into curls and the coat is so matted it's not possible to save it.

Our base price is between $55-60 , and goes up from there according to services provided.    For example, an average Shih Tzu would be $55-60, plus tax, depending on size and coat condition.   An average small  poodle about the same, but a full sized Australian Shepherd closer to $75.  It depends on the time it takes me to accomplish a full groom, and the condition of the dog and it's coat, plus his behavior.  I'll know better after the first groom, but you can use those for rough estimates.

 Mobile IS higher than shop grooming, but:
 it's an express service, no other dogs are being groomed at the same time,
it's a convenience service as the shop comes to your home
having us come to you saves you 2-4 trips into a shop (expense and time)
and you will always be communicating with the same groomer, so instructions don't get lost.

This grooming service is offered to you in a fully equipped professional grooming shop on wheels, built by the Hanvey Engineering  company in South Carolina. The van has hot and cold running water, electricity, lights, warm fluffy towels, professional shampoos and conditioners, piped in music, an electric grooming 
table,  stainless steel raised tub, professional blow dryers.....just like a ground-bound shop.  Only, in this case, we come to YOU and you just sit back and relax.   Your pet need not leave his own driveway, and you aren't a taxi driver to the dogs.  (Not that driving around with dogs is a bad thing, only, don't you have something you'd rather do?)

Our cell number will remain 512 629 5005